Desktop, Laptop, Tablet

Any device capable of running Microsoft Windows® already has everything PestPro requires, whether it's a desktop in the office, or laptops or tablets in the field.

Providing World-Class Customer Support Since 1989

In our company, Corporate Computer Consulting, LLC, we've designed hundreds of custom software applications for organizations, large and small, in almost every industry and market segment, since 1989. We develop and support all software in-house, right here in the good ol' U.S.A., with no "off-shore" outsourcing of any kind. This means our clients don't deal with half-a-world-away time-zone support issues, language and communication problems, or substandard programming practices. We'll never settle for less than the best, and neither should you.

What Our Customers Say...

  • "With our old software, I could type 5 inspection reports a day. Now, with PestPro, I can do 5 an hour! The step-by-step walkthrough and the built-in diagram builder and "quick codes" for findings and recommendations really simplifies and speeds up the whole process. Plus, the built-in appointment calendar, billing system, and work contracts make everything else so much faster and easier as well. The boss is HAPPY!"

    - Ally, Manteca, CA

  • "After using PestPro for a few days, I cannot BELIEVE how much time I'm saving. For years, I've been using 5 different programs to get done what this 1 program can do! Excellent!"

    - Erin, Sacramento, CA

  • "I'm so glad we switched to PestPro. No more lost reports, disappearing diagrams, and mixed-up findings like we had in our old software. This is the way things are SUPPOSED to work!"

    - Candi, Tracy, CA

  • "Thanks for all your help and support getting me up and running during my newbee time! You've been great, and the PestPro software is very intuitive and fast!"

    - Suzie, San Diego, CA

  • "Your PestPro software is great AND you're always so quick to help me if I need something! That's why I refer everyone to you guys! Thanks a bunch."

    - Michele, Pacheco, CA

PestPro Screenshots!

Click or tap some screenshots below...then call us for a free, online demonstration so we can answer any questions you have :)

  • Log In

    Log into PestPro here; unlimited number of users; users can have different access levels, protecting different parts of the system for managers, inspectors, etc.

  • Order Form

    Start here! Enter the property address, occupant info, "ordered by" info, and inspection info (inspector, date, time, type of inspection, etc.). Get MAP and DRIVING DIRECTIONS, and Zillow® info too!

  • Parties In Interest

    Log title company/escrow info here, realtors (buyer and seller), owner info, and other parties (up to 3)


  • Inspection Info

    Build the front page of the WDO Termite Inspection Report here!

  • Diagram

    The built-in diagram builder lets you QUICKLY draw up to 2 diagrams for the WDO Termite Inspection Report. Very easy to use on laptops and tablets in the field!

  • Report Body

    Build the CA WDO Termite Report Body here. Simply fill in the chart with your disclaimers, findings, recommendations (using "quick codes" from your built-in Code Book) and prices, and auto-generate the WDO Termite Report, Inspection Invoice, and Work Authorization Contract all in one step! Even store up to 4 digital pictures for each item! Spell-check your report using Microsoft Word (if installed on your computer)!

  • Job Info

    Simply check off the recommendations your customer has authorized you to do, and the Job Card is automatically generated for your crew or subcontractors.

  • Subcontractor Info

    Track up to 3 subcontractors per job, and PestPro will auto-calculate your profit margin, for EACH subcontractor, AND for the overall job! Run reports on any date range to track your profit margins!

  • Completion Info

    Automatically generate the California-required Notice of Completion AND a Completion Invoice by simply specifying which recommendations were completed and not completed.

  • Property History

    See ALL activity for any property in the system! All inspections, completions, payments, charges, and adjustments.

  • Print Inspection Forms

    For any property, easily print or eMail beautifully-formatted field worksheets, order forms, termite reports, work authorization contracts, inspection invoices, job cards, notices of completion, completion invoices, HUD forms, and more. Print envelopes, fax cover sheets, and billing statements. Even customize your own work contracts and other documents!

  • File Menu

    Here is where all your DATA files are stored: Customers and their ledgers, realtors and agents, title companies and escrow companies, parties in interest, your code book you use to quickly enter all findings/recommendations, your custom work contract, your company info, and your staff and user info (usernames, passwords, etc.)

  • Reports Menu

    There are MANY built-in reports, including financial reports, realtor and agent tracking and referral reports, inspector activity reports, warranty tracking reports, job, crew, and profit margin reports, and more. Automatically print the required Monthly Pesticide Use Report for all the counties in California you applied chemical in throughout the month, and upload your inspection/completion activity to the California Structural Pest Control Board!

  • Utilities Menu

    Use PestPro on laptop computers or tablets in the field, and automatically "sync" the mobile data with your main office database system!

  • Administration Menu

    This protected area allows you to enter batch payments and adjustments, automatically bill all past-due customers, and allows you to set options to make PestPro work exactly the way you need it to! PestPro is also completely customizable, so as your company grows and your needs change, PestPro can support you every step of the way, making your operations efficient and saving you time, effort, and money.

  • Scheduling Menu

    Use the built-in "Daily" or "Weekly" scheduler for Inspectors (each inspector has his/her own calendar), or use the "Monthly Calendar" system to "master schedule" anything for your company: estimates, inspections, jobs, vacations, other services, etc.

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