Basic inspection & reporting software for less-regulated companies outside of California


Produce certified termite inspection reports for Arizona and Texas now too!


Software approved by the
Structural Pest Control Board of California
(ID V106)

PestPro Has It All

Streamline your business and work more efficiently! Stop switching back and forth between appointment schedulers, report writers, diagram builders, word processors, accounting systems, and Board-supplied software. PestPro has everything you need, all in one place:

  1 Appointment scheduler
  1 Field worksheets
  1 Order forms
  1 Online mapping and driving     directions
  1 Customer account management
  1 Complete realtor management and     referral tracking
  1 Title company management
  1 Fast and easy report writer
  1 Board-approved WDI/WDO     inspection reports
  1 Built-in, easy-to-use diagram builder
  1 Automatic billing system
  1 Work authorization contracts
  1 Job cards
  1 Subcontractor tracking
  1 Board-approved completion notices
  1 Post payments and adjustments
  1 Financial reports
  1 Board-certified data exchange
  1 Pesticide use reporting
  1 Warranty tracking
  1 and much more!

Makes It Simple

PestPro leads you step-by-step, from order, to inspection, through completion -- making it easy, fast, and error-free!

Fast searching, no pop-up windows, no windows-within-windows -- no extra steps at all! All information about a property is right at your fingertips.


Builds The Best-Looking Reports -- Fast

Use your OWN quick-codes for disclaimers, notes, findings, and recommendations, and generate inspection reports FAST -- the best-looking reports in the industry! Complete with your company's logo and letterhead!


Lets You Print, Fax, or Email

With your digital signatures in PestPro, you can print, fax, or email your reports, work contracts, and completion notices.


Puts You Ahead Of The Competition

Go MOBILE and get more inspections done in less time!

Reduce turnaround time for customers and realtors!

See which realtors are referring the most inspections to you! - POWERFUL -

Use a laptop or handheld computer to produce inspection reports in the field, and hand a copy to your customer onsite! Email inspection reports or completions to realtors in seconds! PestPro even shows you which realtors and agents are referring the most business to you!


Pays For Itself In 30 Days
PestPro Termite Inspection software for Windows® simplifies business processes, reduces turnaround time, cuts overhead costs, and increases profits so effectively that it pays for itself in 30 days.
Click here for a free online demonstration so we can show you how!

PestPro Termite Inspection Software is a full-featured Windows-based application for termite inspection companies in California and other highly-regulated states. PestPro Lite is a limited version for less-regulated companies outside of California.


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